What Critics Say about the Red Riding Hood Poems

“The day after the book launch, I read Woods Wolf Girl from cover to cover, which I’ve never done with a volume of poetry. I simply couldn’t put it down, drawn in by the complexity of the relationships between girl, wolf, mother, and woodsman. It was so sensory- the woods felt so dark and hushed, the colour red showing up again and again in sharp contrast, and the tensions between the characters as they shifted were so powerful. I marvelled at the way you shaped each individual poem within the broader picture of the book and it was rich and simple in its language at the same time. I moved through Red Riding Hood’s loss of innocence with her as though we were the same person, and identified strongly with her through the entire story, and it moved me profoundly as I lost and gained a sense of identity somehow with her- this is what has stayed with me the most and what I was not expecting, how much I became a part of the story in some sense.”

Sarah Kune, poet

“Red Riding Hood like you’ve never encountered her before. Hoogland has nailed it in this chilling contemporary re-telling of the age-old tale. Layered and smart as hell.”

Jeanette Lynes, Wolsak and Wynn

Canadiana Revisited: Take a look at this review for Woods Wolf Girl, written by Hoogland.  She touches upon the Canadian elements of the Red Riding Hood story in her work, as well as the underlying aboriginal themes.

Winnipeg Free Press: Winnipeg Poet, Jennifer Stills, describes Hoogland’s work as “brilliant and stark.” 

B.C. Bookworld: Kara A. Smith describes Hoogland’s as an “exceptional retelling of an age-old fable.”

Walde’s Review: Read London, Ontario poet Christine Walde’s review of Hoogland’s book. She shares her first reactions to the poems, as well as some background on the Red Riding Hood story.

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